Twin Blessings!

Kait and I “met” when we were planning our weddings through a website called Project Wedding.  She’s been on a long journey since I first met her from the PW forums to where she is now.  Battling infertility isn’t easy for anyone, but Kait’s strength through this battle of hers is an inspiration for any woman, regardless if they’re having trouble conceiving or not.

Through her patience, determination, and faith, she and her husband have been blessed with twins!  A boy and a girl, they call their little fisherman and gymnast.  I had the honor of shooting Kait’s baby shower for her.  It was beautiful, and the little details her mom and sisters added made it so much fun to shoot.


2 thoughts on “Twin Blessings!

  1. Thank you so much for taking the pictures at my shower… And for coming too! The gifts were so sweet, can't wait to dress them up in the CUTE outfits. I knew the pictures would be too perfect too! Thank you for being such a sweet friend …. I will never forget the sweet fertility gifts you gave me. Xoxo

  2. WOW, Liz! These are amazing!!!! I'm stealing the last and making it my profile pic :)I seriously got teary eye reading this… So glad Kait and Joe have been blessed… TWICE! 🙂 HE HE HE!

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