Nikki, Josh, and Jonah Quinn

Nikki and Josh… where to begin?  I’ve known Nikki for 16 years.  We met our freshman year of college and were roommates our junior year.  Even though we graduated 12 years ago and she lives in Atlanta, and I in Chicago, we’ve managed to maintain our friendship and it’s actually grown stronger.  I love her like a sister, and couldn’t be happier for her and her husband on their little bundle of joy that is soon to arrive. 

I’ve never met a couple who fit so perfectly together like Nikki and Josh, and I’m not just saying that because they’re my friends.  They seriously work better than a well oiled machine… and it’s effortless…and it’s blissful… just perfect!  And as ridiculous as this sounds, after seeing them with their dogs this weekend and the Easter egg hunt game they played with them, there’s not a doubt in my mind that they’re going to be some of the best parents out there. 

Nikki and Josh, I love you guys and I can’t wait for Jonah or Quinn to arrive.  🙂


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