L Family – 40th Anniversary

I can’t even begin to find the words to express my fondness for this family.  The L family is like none I’ve ever met before.  Valerie found me through Google and filled out my contact form inquiring about my services to document her parents’ 40th wedding anniversary.  From the moment she and I actually started corresponding with each other, I could tell there was something different about her, something that drew me to her and gave me a heartwarming feeling inside like I’d known her for years.

When I met Valerie’s parents and the rest of her family, everything became clear to me as to why I was so drawn to her.  Every single one of them was as genuine, sincere, and “real” as a person could get, so it was only natural that she was the same way.  Their interactions with each other were nothing but love and affection, and it was evident that they weren’t just putting on a show for the camera since everything was so effortless and flowed so naturally.  After 40 years of marriage, Gloria and Ramiro still hold hands… all. the. time.  Their grandchildren are more than happy to dish out hugs like it’s nobody’s business.  And, they welcomed me and my very pregnant assistant into their family, inviting us to sit at their table at dinner and making sure that we both had enough to eat.

When Valerie saw the teasers I posted, she made a comment about how even though she was there, she didn’t capture nearly all the beauty with her eyes as I did through my lens.  My thoughts on that are  that the beauty she sees from my lens is truly how her family is… I didn’t do anything special.    😉

I’m honored that Valerie chose me to document her parents’ special day and this huge milestone in their lives.  Happy 40th anniversary Gloria and Ramiro!


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