Simon is One!

I took this little guy’s 6 month pictures.  I can’t believe he’s already one!  I just love photographing him and his parents… I mean, they even let me put a mustache on him!



This little guy was the most alert 6 day old I’ve ever seen!  Even after several feedings, he still didn’t want to fall asleep.  We managed to get a few sleepy shots, but most of them were with him bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  I think it might be safe to say, his parents have a little party animal on their hands.  🙂

L Family

Like a lot of families, time escaped the L family and they hadn’t had family portraits taken in 6 years!  I was honored they let me take their first set of pictures in years.  And seeing how much the camera loves them, I hope they don’t let another 6 years go by before their next family photo.  🙂