Marideth + Joe – Schaumburg Maternity

Love me some belly pics!  And Marideth’s belly is just about one of the cutest ones I’ve seen!  🙂


NIPRA’s Pug Jam 2012

Anybody who knows me knows what a dog lover I am.  There’s something about their big round eyes and furry little faces that make my heart melt.  Combine those big round eyes with a flat snout, wrinkles, and a snort, and you get a pug.  My favorite!

8 years ago, I brought my little Brutus home.  He was 4 months old and as spunky and sociable as a pup could get.  There weren’t many dogs in our neighborhood so we took him to a monthly pug meetup at a local animal shelter.  It was there that I met one of the volunteers and organizers at the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue and Adoption center.  She worked closely with the shelter that we took Brutus to for his play dates and told me about another pug who was up for adoption and had been adopted and returned a few times.   Perplexed as to how 3 people could adopt and return this little guy (named Harley at the time) and not wanting him to go through the trauma of being adopted and returned again, I put in an application to adopt this monster dog.   A few weeks later, Harley, now named George, came home with us and has been a part of our family for the last 7 years.

Quoted from their website, NIPRA’s mission is, “to rescue, care for, and find suitable homes for unwanted, stray, or abandoned Pugs. To reduce pet overpopulation by increasing public awareness of the need to spay and neuter pets. To provide educational programs promoting the humane treatment of animals. This mission is accomplished through the dedication and energy of our board of directors and legion of faithful volunteers.”

This year was NIPRA’s 10th anniversary.  I was honored to be a part of their 10 year celebration and fund raising event – Pug Jam 2012.  The turnout was fantastic and through everyone’s combined efforts, NIPRA was able to raise not only funds for the rescue, but awareness for all of their special needs pugs.

It’s a great organization.  For anyone interested in helping them out by either volunteering your time, making a monetary donation, or fostering a dog, please check them out

Northern Illinois Pug Rescue & Adoption


R Family – Lake Villa Family Photographer

I’ve known Shari (the mom) for five years now.  We have a lot in common…  not only do we work together at my full time job, but we share an interest in energy healing, love country music, have an eye for good photography (wink, wink), and think her family is just fabulous!

Lindenhurst Photographer

Lindenhurst Family Photographer

S Family – Libertyville Photographer

S Family – Libertyville Photographer

As an anniversary gift to her parents, H and K’s daughter got them a photo shoot to celebrate their 30 years of marriage.  It’s pretty clear that they’re still very much in love, as the expressions on their faces say it all.  Aren’t … Continue reading

N Family – Long Grove Family Photographer

This little girl was just the sweetest!  Not only is she adorable, but she is one tough cookie!  We took the N Family’s pictures in Long Grove, where the walkways are cobblestone and uneven terrain.  Despite the fact that she fell and skinned her knees twice, she was up and ready for more pictures with the biggest smile in less than a minute!  What a trooper!  Aren’t her blue eyes the prettiest?  🙂

Long Grove Family Photographer

Long Grove Children's Photographer